Solutions that are disruptive, inclusive, and authentic.

Ethnos at a Glance

Ethnos Research Incorporated is a non-profit research and educational organization. Since the initial conception, Ethnos has become a leader in research, educational and workforce development services. Ethnos has received nationwide prominence for their expertise in researching policies and programmatic structures with a customized approach to develop strategies to intricate complexities for governmental municipalities, educational institutions and business industries. Ethnos has been noted for innovate program development, strategic planning and implementing mechanism for continuous improvement. For untapped communities and talent, Ethnos strives to present an authentic voice, increasing education and skillsets to ensure inclusivity and empowerment. Our impetus is to improve organizational structures, policies and processes to create better work and educational communities, as well as individual well-being. The quality of life and its improvement through scientific research and education are our commitment to enhance the welfare of all people.

Ethnos is comprised primarily of college professors with graduate (M.A.) and doctoral (PhDs) degrees. Copious research is carried out on behalf of public and private clients. Research and educational services are being provided to diverse organizations including the American Heart Association (AHA); copious educational institutions, universities and colleges; private corporations; community services and social services agencies; community-based organizations (CBOs); and, workforce and governmental entities. We are grateful to our partners, businesses and organizations who continue to advance our vision in human and community services, education and workforce programs.

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